R&D Areas

The pride, we make the face of auto interior.

Lightweighting material and parts develpoment

  • Developing light parts applied low-weight materials.
  • Thinning parts development applied high stiffness materials.
  • Developing light parts used physical/chemical foaming agent.
  • Developing light structural parts through convergence materials and tech.

BIO Eco-friendly materials /parts development

  • Higher perceived parts development applied natural materials
  • Parts development applied non-food biomass use
  • Parts development applied VOC’s Free
  • Parts development applied recyclable materials>

Sophisticated materials/parts development

  • Multi-colored part development applied different color and materials.
  • Part development applied deco-film insert injection.
  • Sophisticated parts development of real and natural materials.
  • Sentimental parts Development applied mood lighting with switch function

High-functionality Smart materials/parts development

  • Part development applied convergence materials and tech
  • Part development with improved HMI and connection.
  • Part development applied recycling materials for eco-friendly cars
  • Package development applied ergonomics and user interface
  • Cutting-edge digital cockpit system for smart cars.