views on talents

Duckyang fosters new talents in a
forward-oriented and open atmosphere.

Duckyang's views on talents  
Duckyang does not hesitate to provide resources for capacity building and undertaking new challenges. We will strive hard to maximize work efficiency so that we can nurture leading talents in a stable and pleasant environment.
Our employees are the main motive power behind Duckyang's march forward.
Duckyang employees think more about "tomorrow" than "today" and are unafraid to say "No." In such a future-oriented and open environment, they are able to dream of a new tomorrow.
  • Duckyang looks for employees who are preparing for "the future" rather than the "present."
    Becoming the best "tomorrow" is more worthy that becoming the best "today."
  • We need people who are brave enough to say "No."
    There are times when you need to hear "No" rather than "Yes."
  • We need people who place emphasis on both the
    "outcomes" and "process." The best "outcome" is only
    valuable if it follows the best "process."
  • We need people who live a life of "99 points" rather than "100 points."
    This 1 short point may prove more valuable than the "99 points"
  • We need people who think of the "common good" rather than "self interest"
    We should know that the "common good" furthers my "self-interests" as well.