Production conditions

Duckyang's advanced technology is born from our
understanding of our customers and consumers.

Production System

JIS(Just In Sequence)

  • - Use of online networks with clients and primary or secondary affiliates to make orders, receive orders for components, and manage orders
  • - Real-time orders and inventory management to improve inventory burdens and reduce costs client, product order, product supply, component order, component supply, affiliate institution (direct transactions), affiliate institution (direct development)

RTM(Real Time Monitoring)

  • - Real-time receipt of client orders and management of production, storage, and delivery quantities through a graded system
  • - Prevention of servicing and repair of parts at the client's production lines

RFID(Radio Frequency Identification)

  • - Compilation and management of information through radio frequency by entering the identifying information on a mini TAG.
  • - Improves overlaps or omissions of auto parts

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